Want to offer the best perks in town? Feed your team like they work in Silicon Valley? Monumental Pantry Service will stock your break room with all the yum your team could ever want.

How it works.

Unlike our Open Door Markets, Monumental Pantry Service provides a fully stocked kitchen or break room at no cost to your team. Just pick your pantry items, and we’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to thrive.

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Monumental Markets Pantry Service

Tell us what you want to spend, and we’ll create an awesome spread that makes everyone smile.

Monumental Markets Pantry Service

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Whether you want to focus on health or accommodate the gluten- or sugar-free, we offer what you need.

Office Pantry Service Columbia, MD Office Pantry Service Columbia, MD

How can an office pantry service Columbia, MD residents rely on help your office? When you are hard at work during the day, many times you know you have a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack to break up your work and continue fueling you. While snacks may seem like a trivial thing to some people, they can not only energize employees, but they can also provide healthy options and fuel people for the rest of their workday. Many offices already have a dedicated coffee corner for their employees, so why not take this one step further and provide snacks as well? Instead of wasting money on vending machines that are full of unhealthy snacks that can lead to groggy and tired employees, work with a company who will deliver snacks straight to your break room with options that everyone can enjoy. If you would like to speak with a company about an office pantry service in Columbia, MD, call Monumental Markets today to talk with a member of our team!

What can a Columbia, MD office pantry service do for your office?

Having food delivered straight to your office can completely change the work environment. Below, you will find the different ways a pantry delivery service can benefit your office.

  1. Increased Productivity. It sounds too good to be true. You simply work with a pantry delivery service and your employees will suddenly be more productive? It can certainly help! When you have a well-stocked pantry in your office, employees are fed and satisfied. If someone is hungry in the middle of work they either have the options of powering through that hunger (leading them to get hungrier), going to a local store and getting a snack, or running to the office’s pantry to grab a snack. A hungry employee is less focused on work, and when the snacks are right down the hall, they save their own time and money and they can get back to work on important projects.
  2. Positive Office Culture. When an employer decides to go with a pantry delivery service, it shows that they care about the employee and their needs. It is a great perk that shows an employee their boss values them and appreciates the work, effort, and hours they are putting in. When employees feel that their management supports them, they feel more prepared to tackle the project at hand and focus on their work.
  3. Community Building. When it comes to get-togethers, most of the time these revolve around food. This is no different in an office setting. When an office has a well-stocked pantry, employees from all different departments can come together to grab a snack and socialize with people they might never have run into before. This is great for building and maintaining relationships in the work environment.
  4. Customization. When you have your snacks delivered, you can work with the company to customize what you want in your pantry. This can help you establish a price range that works for you, how often the pantry service comes, and how healthy you want the food.

Reach out to an Office Pantry Service in Columbia, MD!

If you are interested in speaking with someone from an office pantry service Maryland residents rely on today, please reach out to Monumental Markets now to set up an appointment with a member of our team.

Monumental Markets Pantry Service

Happy employees

Free food has a powerful effect on office culture. Monumental Pantry Service keeps teams satisfied.

Monumental Markets Pantry Service

Effortless perks

When you feed your teams, word gets around. Monumental Pantry Service can help tip the scales for prospective employees.