Prepackaged food vending in DC, MD and VA

Prepackaged food vending - DC, MD and VAIncorporating prepacked food vending for your DC, MD and VA business or property is a great way to promote positive socialization and constructive collaboration. The presence of food and drink services in a company or shared environment can have a great impact on how people interact with each other. Monumental Markets understands the value of having a well-stocked room that all employees and visitors can enjoy at any time. We also serve clients such as property owners who want to have an area that their tenants can use. Whatever your needs or tastes are, we can customize your room to include the foods and refreshments that your team loves.  

Prepackaged Food Vending in DC, MD and VA

Adding premium food and drink options to your open office or community room will immediately spark the attention of your team, staff, or residents. Whether you are a business owner or property owner, you can rely on the excellent services that Monumental Markets is known for. Founded in 1991, we have helped many companies within the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia region to set up impressive spaces that bring people together. Featuring a large inventory of a variety of snacks, drinks, fruit and more, our selection will pique the interest of anyone passing through your building. Our micro-markets and other services have had a significant impact on productivity and overall environment. Ask us about what services we can provide you with. 

Create a Social and Collaborative Environment

At work, it can be difficult for employees to get to know their fellow team members, especially if they are in different departments that may be at the other end of the building. Workplace communication is not always easy, but having an inviting community space that everyone has access to can break down barriers. As a result, you can promote better cross-collaboration among employees and encourage improved work habits. 

If you own an apartment complex, upgrading your shared community room is also a good way to attract and retain new talent or tenants. People can talk to each other in a relaxed and comfortable environment, allowing residents in the same apartment complex to become familiar with each other. 

Choose From Diverse Snack and Drink Options

We work with you to develop an inventory that features your team’s favorite snack and beverage options. We will ensure that our vending machines and micro-market are always fully-stocked for your convenience. Some workplace cafeterias are often loaded with unhealthy choices that don’t make the best fuel for a productive workday. If you want other alternatives besides chips and candy, we have health-conscious choices such as fruit, sugar-free, and gluten-free items. By using our services, you don’t have to settle with a boring lunch or snack that’s also not good for you. 

3 Benefits of Having Prepackaged Food Vending in the Workplace

There are so many different ways that prepackaged food vending can benefit your business when you work with Monumental Markets. There is always room for improvement in any company and bringing convenience and wellness to your staff is the perfect start to boosting both morale and profit. The diverse selection of food and drinks available through Monumental Markets makes it easier than ever to make your employees happy and satisfied. 

1. Save Time as a Business 

In business, time is money. With the option of prepackaged food vending available, employees are significantly more likely to have shorter breaks. When food options are not available in-office, many employees have to travel to nearby stores to grab snacks, drinks, and lunch on their breaks, which wastes valuable time. Additionally, people tend to gravitate to convenience, and having food available in your office is convenient. This will not only make your employees feel better about not having to waste half their break traveling, but it will also make stakeholders feel better about the more time employees have available to work. 

Monumental Markets also offers a great variety of healthy snack options, including fruit. Healthier foods are much higher in energy and will keep your employees alert and energetic, which will increase productivity. Productivity will not only save your business time but also money. 

2. Add a Source of Revenue

Prepackaged food vending can also be used as a source of more income for businesses that plan on selling the products to their employees. This extra passive income will accumulate on its own with very little work and can help increase your company’s revenue. Everyone loves passive income! Alternatively, that funding could also be used to fund additional programs to help boost company morale and make your employees happy.  Having happy employees means more money for everyone. 

3. Create a Better Workplace Environment 

A food station can act as a place for coworkers to briefly socialize during breaks and create a sense of connectedness in the office. Having food readily available also promotes general wellness and prevents bad moods as a result of hunger. Including small treats in your prepackaged food vending order can also help boost morale and help everyone get through those tough days that everyone sometimes has. Monumental Markets has very diverse food options available to fit your specific needs as a company and is serious about making your business thrive through bringing an essential resource straight to your employees. 

Trusted Food Services You Can Rely On

If you are seeking an innovative solution that has a host of benefits for your team or tenants, you can look to Monumental Markets. Explore our range of customized food service options by contacting us today. 

5 Things to Know About Prepackaged Food Vending

When you hear the phrase “prepackaged food,” you may envision an overpriced smushed tuna salad sandwich from the refrigerated section of your local convenience store. Prepackaged food is often associated with being junky and low-quality, reserved solely for times when you need a quick bite to eat on the go. Innovative efforts by the vending industry have worked to change this perception through the operation of micro-markets.

As micro-markets become more prevalent in office and residential buildings, consumers are able to see how prepackaged food has evolved to include a much more sophisticated and satisfying selection. Prepackaged food vending is considered a welcome amenity that employers and building proprietors can tout to attract new talent and tenants. If you’re wondering about vending services you can offer at your business, here are five things to know about prepackaged food vending:

1. Food Choices Can Be Healthy

Prepackaged foods are not limited to candy bars, sodas and other junk food. Your inventory can include a variety of healthy perishable and shelf-stable options such as fresh fruit, low-fat plain yogurt and whole-grain pita chips. Survey your employees for suggestions on healthy choices to offer in a micro-market.

2. Prepackaged Food Vending Is Convenient

With micro-markets located right in their office or residential building, consumers have ready access to prepackaged goods. This allows employees to maximize breaktimes and saves tenants a trip to the store in inclement weather. Self-service kiosks offer secure payment options, eliminating the need to carry cash.

3. Food and Beverages Can Be Available Any Time

Micro-markets do not need an attendant as purchases are made using a self-service kiosk. This makes it possible for food and beverage items to be available 24/7. Employees who work unconventional hours can appreciate being able to take advantage of this service.

4. Prepackaged Food Vending Can Support Company Wellness Initiatives

Businesses that offer employer-sponsored wellness programs can use prepackaged food vending to promote these initiatives. Your company’s monthly newsletter can accompany a vignette about healthy eating with a menu of nutritious items stocked in the micro-market.

5. Prepackaged Food Vending Can Be a Cost-Effective Venture

The bottom line is that your investments need to benefit your business and prepackaged food vending can do that by generating passive income with minimal cost to your company. Employees spend money at the micro-market that they may normally spend at another establishment. The revenue your company brings in can be reinvested into initiatives that support your employees both directly and indirectly.