Healthy Meal Service DC

Photo of a table top full of fresh vegetables, fruit, and other healthy foods

It can be hard to manage and find a good meal when you are busy, and that is where a healthy meal service in DC comes in handy. When you are in the middle of your workday, the last thing you really want to do is to scramble for a place to go eat and make it healthy. This can make it hard to keep up a healthy diet when there may not be any healthy options around the office. 

Having food ready for you is important to just keep your day as smooth as possible. Not only that, but you can rest assured that you don’t have to miss out on any important social moments at work. If you’re curious about the benefits of a meal service, check out the list below. 

Benefits of a Healthy Meal Service 

Enjoy Fresh, Healthy Ingredients 

It doesn’t matter what meal service you use, but the top ones are going to have the freshest and healthiest ingredients in their meals. Many of the ingredients may not be something you can get locally, but they are still fresh. The idea behind this is it helps you make healthy options and you don’t have to worry about what goes into your food. In general, the meals that are provided will be balanced, giving your boy the nutrients it needs to keep going through the day. No more sluggish returns to work after getting fast food. 

Expand Your Palette 

Most Americans don’t have time to try new foods. Especially during the work weeks. They tend to stick to the routine and that is okay, but it can be lacking a variety of tastes and flavors. With a meal service, you get to try new foods and find new things you like. Not only that, you can know that they are going to be healthy. 

Eat the Right Portions 

Portion control can be an issue when you go out of the office to eat. With a meal service, you don’t have to worry about that. The service provides you with just enough food for one meal to help you from overeating. You can also know that you are getting enough to make sure your body is getting everything it needs, often without the grease from fast food chains. 

Saves Time 

Your time is valuable. When you have to stop in the middle of your work day to go out and find food, it can put a damper on your time. It stops you from being productive, but it also can stop you from socializing with your peers. A meal service allows you to stay in the office and have a space where you can talk with your peers and not miss any valuable work time. The more efficiently your day goes, the better, and that leaves you with more time to enjoy not in the office as well. 

Facts About Eating Lunch

Those who skip out on lunch breaks may rely on whatever food options are in the vending machine at work and then jump right back into the grind. The type of food that people tend to eat when forced to stay at their desk may not be great, that is, unless they have prepared a lunch for themselves beforehand or have healthy food delivered by their employer. The truth of the matter is, the food that is usually in a quick stop vending machine or gas station nearby probably won’t have the fresh fruit, sandwiches, salads, or soups we are hoping for. Here are the benefits of having a healthy lunch that doesn’t involve what you can get from a vending machine:

Less Aches and Pains

If you sit stuck at a desk all day for work, then you may develop back and neck pain too. Lack of proper posture and sitting in one position for an extended period of time applies undue strain on our spinal column and the muscles that support it. Lunchtime gives people a chance to change their position, get up, and move around before having to go back to enforced immobility. 

You Will Get More Done

If you don’t take lunch, then your brain doesn’t have an opportunity to switch off and take a break to think about something else. This can lead to an afternoon slump of fatigue, foggy thinking, and less productivity. Stepping away for a balanced lunch helps your mind stay alert and actively in the moment. There is something about changing the pace of the workflow to refuel the body that can yield more accomplishments for the day compared to someone who skips lunch completely. 

Better Concentration

To boost your clarity of mind, have a balanced lunch and consider taking a brief walk or getting outside to breathe some fresh air. This is especially important if you work indoors under fluorescent lights all day. Sitting hinders metabolism and circulation, so by getting up to have lunch, your mind will benefit too. A body that doesn’t have enough energy won’t be able to keep the mind functioning optimally. Food gives us that chance to refuel our body and mind. 

Easier Digestion

Eating a meal in a rush is the quickest road to an uncomfortable rest of your afternoon with acid reflux, bloating, and an upset stomach. Eating slower and more mindfully allows your digestive system to process food more easily. And, you will swallow less extra air along the way, reducing the chances that you will experience that tight and painful abdominal gas. Furthermore, if you eat slower, you will feel full faster and only eat enough for what your body requires. Sometimes, when we eat too much in a rush, we may have to deal with indigestion and fatigue later.

If you have ever been curious about a healthy meal service in DC, then contact Monumental Markets for more details about what we can do for you. 

FAQs On How To Create A Lunch Culture

The most important step to creating a lunch culture at your office is to have a healthy meal service DC business owners trust. But even with delicious and nutritious food available, you might still have questions about how to create a lunch culture. Here are some answers that can help!

  • No one at my office takes a lunch break. How can I create a lunch culture at my workplace? While this may seem intuitive, the first step to creating a vibrant lunch culture at your workplace is to have healthy, filling, nutritious food available! Often the simplest way to do that is to hire a DC healthy meal service to provide delicious options for your organization. In addition to having meal options workers can feel good about, it can help if there is a space for people to gather, whether that is a cafeteria, a table or kitchenette area, or even a conference room where people frequently have lunch. 
  • Should managers eat lunch away from the desk too? In order to create a lunch culture, it is extremely important that managers eat most meals away from the desk too! Even with a delicious DC healthy meal service, your office culture probably will not change if workers do not see their bosses taking a midday break. Instead of viewing this as an unnecessary break, managers can view this as valuable time to build relationships with their employees, which will likely foster a better business relationship as well. 
  • What should I do if employees are still choosing to eat at their desk? There is no one right way to handle this, but remember that culture change takes time. Keep taking your lunch break each day, preferably in the view of your employees. You might choose to invite them to join you once or twice a week. You may even try to organize a team lunch, where you all agree to take your lunch together once a week. This small step can lead to more frequent lunches in the future. 
  • As a manager, why could it be important to me that my organization has a lunch culture? In addition to the positive effects on the individual to get that midday nutrition, it also has positive outcomes on employee productivity and morale. When coworkers eat together, day after day, they have an informal avenue to bounce ideas off of each other. Furthermore building comfort and a strong relationship can have positive effects down the line when coworkers have a different approach to a work issue. Building up relationships and goodwill among coworkers helps to create a team-oriented environment.
  • What should the focus of conversation be during lunch? If you are trying to foster a lunch-culture, conversation will typically be non-work related, otherwise it is just a meeting with food. Of course, work-related topics will slip in, but easy conversation starters include asking after a co-worker’s family, what they did the past weekend or if they have any fun trips coming up. While it may seem awkward at first, before long people will get used to the midday break and may even enjoy it. They might even be more productive than before the lunch break. 

If you are interested in creating this kind of culture at your workplace, call Monumental Markets today to start creating the vibrant, creative, productive, healthy lunch culture your organization needs today with the most important step–nutritious food!

Why Coworkers Should Eat Together

Providing a healthy meal service in DC for your employees can benefit them in many ways. It may even encourage them to have lunch with one another. Here are a few reasons why coworkers should eat lunch together.


  • It can make everyone happier. Something as simple as eating lunch with coworkers can increase happiness. Developing friendships with coworkers and talking about your day can be quite enjoyable. It can definitely make an otherwise tedious work day go by faster. However, keep in mind that you should steer clear from office gossip, as that can come back to haunt you. Instead, talk about more upbeat and simple topics, such as what project they’re currently working on or what they’re doing on the weekend.
  • It can boost productivity. Nowadays, more and more office workers are eating lunch at their desks. They have a pile of tasks to complete and may save time by eating and working at the same time. Unfortunately, however, this can lead to burnout. All employees need a break occasionally. That’s why walking away from your desk and eating with your coworkers is so important. You can take a much needed break and be more productive later.
  • It can be a bonding experience. When working in a high pressure work environment, it can be difficult to get to know your coworkers on a personal level. That is another good reason to eat with your coworkers at lunch. It gives you a chance to learn more about your coworkers’ hobbies, likes and dislikes and interests. When you bone with your coworkers, you can work with them better each day.
  • It makes leaders more accessible. Leaders can use a healthy meal service in DC to spend more quality time with employees. After all, it is important for company leaders to be able to connect with their employees. Eating lunch together will give them that opportunity. If employees have any questions or concerns about the company, they can use lunchtime to voice them with leaders. Leaders definitely are busy and have many responsibilities, but they can dedicate at least one lunch per month with employees.
  • It can help you learn more about your organization. Whether it is with your coworkers or bosses, eating together can provide great networking opportunities. You can learn new things about your company and get a better perspective.
  • It can help them enjoy their lunch. These days, some workers are so busy that they just scarf down their lunch and barely taste it. It is important for employees to actually enjoy what they are eating. This is another good reason to encourage employees to eat together. They can sit down, chat and actually taste the food they are eating.