Refrigerated vending machine in DC, MD and VA

Having served over 400 businesses, you can trust the team at Monumental Markets to provide you with a unique amenity to improve your business or property within Washington, DC, Virginia or Maryland.If you are looking to improve your space within your company office, apartment building or other property, you can depend on a top company that provides self-service markets with refrigerated vending machines in the DC, MD and VA areas. Adding perks such as food and drinks within a workspace has been shown to boost productivity and create a positive company environment.  You can transform your space from a standard lounge area to a completely stocked mini-mart filled with tasty snacks and drink options. Offering food and beverage services to businesses and properties located within the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region, Monumental Markets has helped upgrade many spaces across multiple industries. Send us an inquiry to let us know more about your needs for your room so that we can help.  

Refrigerated Vending Machine in DC, MD and VA

Founded in 1991, Monumental Markets has been a leader in the food services industry, providing specialty services that feature custom food and drink selections. For decades, we have been helping companies better their break room experience. If there is a workspace or general area in your building that you want to improve for your employees, tenants, or guests, we can work with you to find a sensible solution that everyone can enjoy. After initially offering vending services, we have since expanded to Markets, Coffee, and Pantry services. Many clients have found success after using our diverse range of services. They have reported positive effects across their company thanks to our installations. Contact us to learn more about the services we can provide for you. 

Upgrade Your Shared Space

Are you looking to promote a better company culture? Do you want to attract more tenants or guests to your property? With our quality food and drink services, we can help you upgrade your space and impress your team, tenants, or visitors. Adding a premium selection of snacks and refreshments to a space in an office, apartment complex, or property can have many benefits. 

Energy levels can get low as the day goes on, which can affect productivity and motivation. Periodic breaks are an important part of an employee’s day, preventing tiredness and burnout. With our custom markets, coffee services and more, workers can make a quick trip to the vending machine and grab a snack or drink. Employees can boost their energy so that they are able to efficiently work on their tasks. Providing food and drink services are a great way for businesses to show appreciation for their employees, while simultaneously encouraging positive habits to maintain their health and wellness.  

 3 Benefits of Having Refrigerated Vending in Your Business

With a refrigerated vending machine, you get all the same benefits of having a regular vending machine, plus more. Installing a Monumental Markets product in your business can help save time and money through the reduction of employee break times. A lot of time can be cut out when you don’t have to travel outside of the business to obtain food and drinks at work. Additionally, vending machines can be used as a source of passive income and can create an overall better workplace environment. Having good food conveniently available can promote more workplace connections and boost morale.

These are all well-known benefits of having vending machines in your business, but what you may not know is that a refrigerated vending machine can elevate and expand those benefits.  Before deciding on which Monumental Markets vending options are best for you, you should know what additional benefits refrigerated vending can bring your company. Refrigeration is an easy way to improve your food options by adding the variety and freshness that employees really want. 

1. Ability to Provide Fresher and Healthier Food

While healthy food is still an option in a standard vending machine, a refrigerated vending machine is essential if you want to provide fresher food in the workplace. With refrigeration, the number of healthy options will increase and the food available will naturally become more diverse, nutritious, and vitamin-rich. If nutrition is important to your employees, they’re probably looking for something more than packaged nuts and low-sodium chips. Fruit, sandwiches, vegetables, juices, and much more will be able to be conveniently grabbed during break times and will keep your staff much more satiated and healthier. 

2. Added Variety 

Refrigeration also expands the different options of food and adds much more variety to the workplace. While a bag of chips is great, no one wants to just eat chips every day. Variety in people’s diet is necessary to maintain good nutrition, so providing variety in the workplace will keep employees from needing to leave the office for food on a regular basis. This will help to maintain the trend of saving time, and therefore saving money. 

3. More Refreshing Drinks 

No one likes lukewarm water or soda. If you want your employees to consistently use the vending machines for drinks, a refrigerated vending machine is absolutely essential. Drinks are meant to be refreshing, and nothing says refreshing like an ice-cold bottle or can. 

Elevate Your Break Room Experience

Having served over 400 businesses, you can trust the team at Monumental Markets to provide you with a unique amenity to improve your business or property within Washington, DC, Virginia or Maryland. See how you can give back to your team and boost your company culture or atmosphere through our custom self-service markets. Learn more about our services by contacting us so that you can create an improved environment for your team. 

Essential Items For Your Refrigerated Vending Machine

Offering fresher, more nutritious options with a refrigerated vending machine can improve employee morale and boost productivity. If you’re considering adding refrigerated vending but unsure of what products to offer, here are some ideas that your employees are sure to love.


Typical vending machines are great for snacks, but rarely will you find anything in a regular machine that could be considered a meal. Fortunately, refrigeration means that you can offer quick and easy meal items like sandwiches. A sandwich is a convenient, filling lunch, and employees will enjoy being able to grab one quickly from a Monumental Markets refrigerated vending machine. Stock several options and include condiment packets so everyone can enjoy the perfect sandwich.

Vegetables and Salads

One of the benefits of refrigeration is that it allows you to offer healthier foods. With a refrigerated vending machine, you can offer your employees a variety of fresh vegetable and salad options. Salads are a nutritious option for lunch on the go, and sliced vegetables can be a quick, easy and healthy afternoon snack. Don’t forget to include a variety of dressing options. Add-ons like croutons are also a good option to make salads more satisfying.


People who follow low-carbohydrate or gluten-free diets often have difficulty finding things to eat in traditional vending machines. Fortunately, a refrigerated vending machine allows you to offer a variety of foods to accommodate your employees’ dietary needs and restrictions. Single-serving portions of cheese can be a satisfying high-protein snack, especially when combined with fresh fruit or vegetables.

Fruit and Juice

When you’re craving something sweet, candy is your only option in a typical vending machine. With a refrigerated vending machine, you can stock up on fruits and juices to satisfy sugar cravings more healthily. Juice is also a great alternative to soda for people who like something sweet to drink but don’t like carbonated beverages.

Breakfast Foods

Employees who arrive at work early will appreciate having a variety of breakfast foods available. When it comes to shelf-stable breakfast items, the choices are usually limited to granola bars and pastries. With a Monumental Markets vending machine, you can offer tasty and wholesome breakfast sandwiches, yogurt or even hard-boiled eggs to satisfy your employees’ hunger and get the day started on a positive note. Beverages like milk, orange juice and iced coffee are also a good addition for employees who like something other than a hot cup of joe in the morning.