Give your team or tenants the gift of convenience with a Monumental Open Door Market. Packed with your choice of fresh snacks, tasty lunch alternatives, and more, your market will become a place where people gather to snack, exchange ideas, and stay productive.

How it works.

Monumental Open Door Markets are as effortless as they are delicious. We’ll design a custom market to fit your space and keep it full of the snacks that bring teams together. And best of all, we’ll do it at almost no cost to you.

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Powerful productivity

Healthy eats + perfect convenience means your team members are back to the grind in less time.

Collaborative community

Want to get your departments talking together? Nothing breaks down silos like snacking. Seriously.

Customized to your office.

From the layout of the market to the snacks and drinks offered inside, you’re in control. We can fit our markets to nearly any space, and offer a variety of healthy options (including gluten free, sugar free, etc.) for you to choose from.

24/7 access

Our markets are controlled by a kiosk and cameras, so it’s easy to grab a bite while burning the midnight oil.

Low cost

Aside from installation fees, our markets can be free for you. Your team’s appetite will cover daily costs and restocking.