Want to offer the best perks in town? Feed your team like they work in Silicon Valley? Monumental Pantry Service will stock your break room with all the yum your team could ever want.

How it works.

Unlike our Open Door Markets, Monumental Pantry Service provides a fully stocked kitchen or break room at no cost to your team. Just pick your pantry items, and we’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to thrive.

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Monumental Markets Pantry Service

Tell us what you want to spend, and we’ll create an awesome spread that makes everyone smile.

Monumental Markets Pantry Service

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Whether you want to focus on health or accommodate the gluten- or sugar-free, we offer what you need.

Healthy Vending Machine Snacks Baltimore

The Value of Corporate Wellness Policies

Monumental Markets provides a better alternative to healthy vending machine snacks Baltimore area companies rely on. Call us today if you’d like to know more about how we can help your company meet corporate wellness goals.

Not all healthy vending machine snacks Baltimore companies install in their lunchrooms are actually healthy. Simply calling them by that name is not enough. At Monumental Markets we take our responsibility to provide healthy snacks seriously.

What is Monumental Markets?

We install and stock self-service mini-markets to companies that understand the importance of providing healthy and delicious snacks for their employees. We make it easy for employers to meet wellness policy guidelines on a 24/7 basis.

Employee Wellness Policies

A growing trend in corporate America is the recognition that employees who eat healthier are more productive and happier. Improved overall health lowers incidences of sickness and disease, which can cost companies a great deal in sick time, lost productivity, disability payments, and poor morale. Options for healthy vending machine snacks in Baltimore can be few and far between, which is where Monumental Markets fits in.

  • Successful wellness programs are those that actively encourage employees to eat healthier. By making fresh, healthy snacks available onsite 24/7, it’s easy and convenient for employees to make smart food choices.
  • Weight management can be challenging when employees work long hours and there are not convenient and healthy snack options available. Because Monumental Markets installs micro markets onsite, and we stock them ourselves, employees don’t have to travel any distance to a market. We make eating healthy snacks easy because they’re delicious and conveniently located.

Healthy Snack Choices

Most vending machines do not offer fresh and healthy snacks. The same is true of fast food restaurants and convenience markets. Monumental Markets is different. We install a mini-market on the premises of your company. We then keep it stocked with the delicious and heart healthy snacks that your employees prefer. Some of the most popular Baltimore healthy vending machine snacks include:

  • Fresh, leafy green salads
  • Natural beverages such as fruit juices and sodas with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners
  • Greek yogurt
  • Sandwich wraps

Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

Depression and hypertension can negatively affect an employee’s health, which in turn can increase health-related expenses for them and their employers. Encouraging optimum health is key to successful long term human asset management. This can result in:

  • Lower productivity
  • Increase in health care costs
  • Increase in paid time off or sick days
  • Increase in incidences of obesity among employees

The Benefits of Healthy Snacks

When eating an alternative to healthy vending machine snacks, Baltimore employees are more likely to support corporate wellness programs because they’re experiencing the benefits. With the availability of alternatives to healthy vending machine snacks, Baltimore locals often choose them over traditional vending snacks that are usually high in trans fats, calories, and offer little to no nutritional value.

In partnership with proper exercise, healthy eaters usually have more energy and happier dispositions than when they’re making unhealthy food choices. When the body is healthy, that sense of wellness can have a positive effect on a person’s overall being.

An alternative to healthy vending machine snacks Baltimore area companies love is just a phone call away; call us today at Monumental Markets!

Monumental Markets Pantry Service

Happy employees

Free food has a powerful effect on office culture. Monumental Pantry Service keeps teams satisfied.

Monumental Markets Pantry Service

Effortless perks

When you feed your teams, word gets around. Monumental Pantry Service can help tip the scales for prospective employees.