people in the office meeting for appetizers and lunchOffice Lunch Service MD

We at Monumental Markets are here to assist you and your employees to the best of our capacity. Our only goal is to see a vast improvement in businesses everywhere so that your workers are more satisfied and energized and that your business thrives as a result.

Our team at Monumental Markets believes in providing excellent service to Maryland offices, at no cost to your workers, and time-sensitive deliverables. Whether you’re looking to add vending machines with ice-cold beverages, refreshing fruits, tasty snacks, or delicious lunch meals to increase work performance, we’re the company you want. 

What Are the Benefits Of Using Us?

Nothing keeps the momentum going like enjoying tasty food as you catch up or unwind with a coworker. In fact, food has often been known to bring people closer together. Studies have reported that people open up more and are lilier to find their commonality with a person when they are able to talk while eating. Whether they’re complimenting one another’s food choice or playfully disagreeing over whose food tastes better, good food options are bound to improve the overall work environment. 

Not to mention, not every employee has time to pack lunch before coming to work. Many employees use their lunch break to leave your business, drive to a takeout shop, wait for it to be ready, and then bring it back to work to eat it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always time effective. Far too often, employees don’t have as much time as they’d like to eat. Rather than taking a break and relaxing so that they can return to work re-energized, they’re rushing through their meal. During this time, their stress levels are probably increasing and their work performance might decrease as a result.

When you utilize our lunch meal plan, however, your break room becomes stocked with convenient, quick, and easy meals and snacks for them. Not only do they not have to worry about driving to and from a takeout shop, they’ll know that their employer genuinely cares about them, their health, and views them as people who deserve a nice reward for all of their hard work. This show of appreciation from you to them will likely keep them wanting to stay on the job and perform their daily duties at new heights. After all, every employee wants to feel appreciated and valued by their employer. It might seem simple, but providing them with a break room stocked with food options does the trick.

What Can We Do to Improve Your Workplace Environment?

There are so many ways in which we improve your workplace environment that it’s hard to keep track. Here are just a few of those ways.

  • Providing healthy food options
  • Providing full customizability from your end
  • Providing 24/7 access to food choices, and more!

As our homepage tells you, we’ve been innovating the break room since 1991, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Through our thirty years of experience, we’ve maximized our understanding of designing a custom market that’s an ideal fit for your office lunch service in Maryland. Contact us today, and try us out for yourself!