Office Fruit Delivery Bethesda, MD

Office Fruit Delivery Bethesda, MDEmployers who are looking for ways to improve the culture of their office and keep employees happy, are likely to be relieved to hear about the Bethesda, Maryland office fruit delivery services we offer at Monumental Markets! Coffee and fruit help keep employees energized, focused, and friendly to their coworkers if they aren’t battling the mid-day slump. While you may initially think that you need to go to great lengths to make your workers happy, this isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes all workers need is access to a fresh and free cup of joe to put a smile on their face and perk in their step!

Here are the five ways that having an office coffee delivery and office fruit delivery in Bethesda, MD can improve your office:

#1 Provides Positive Social Interactions

As a few workers are congregating around the coffee machine, they may ask about each other’s day, talk about their weekends, chat about their work tasks, and more. This type of positive small chat can promote closer relationships among employees, which leads to a more closely knit office culture. You may be surprised to realize that it is that easy! If you set up a space for workers to grab a cup of joe whenever they need it, they’re more likely to enjoy the company they work for and the people they share that time with. 

#2 Increased Motivation and Mood

Coffee can literally act like liquid motivation in a cup. Coffee keeps workers awake and more alert, and also gives them a nice treat to look forward to as they walk into the office for the day or during breaks. If you want to take things a step further, it is even nicer to provide a range of supplies that are tasty and differ from your average brew. Here at Monumental Markets we have plenty of sugars, flavors, creamers, and coffee types to pick from! If you provide a mix of yummy tastes, employees are more likely to use the office coffee than spend their time driving to pick up a latte at the nearest coffee shop. 

#3 Space for a Mental Break

If employees have something they can do for themselves that is away from the desk for even a couple minutes, it allows them to have a brief mental break from whatever they were working on. Perhaps they were caught up in a task and hit a point where they have to problem solve an issue. The simple act of walking away from their desks can encourage original thinking and creativity. Once an employee gets back to their workspace, chances are they have arrived at the solution to a problem that they were struggling with or are inspired by a new way of approaching the challenge. Providing these items through a Bethesda, MD office fruit delivery service company can go a long way in helping your employees.

Let’s face it, coffee is warm, yummy, and can really make a difference in a person’s day. So, why not make your staff happy by giving them quality coffee and flavor options, in which everyone in the office benefits? Rest assured, we can help you figure out a delivery schedule that works best based on how many employees are at your company and how quickly you go through coffee supplies. Call Monumental Markets today to hear more about our office coffee and office fruit delivery Bethesda, MD companies recommend.