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Great Office Coffee: Step by Step

Quality office coffee delivery service Washington DC businesses turn to is quickly becoming a necessity for many companies. As a famed coffee loving television character once remarked when asked whether or not she needed some coffee, Lorelai Gilmore replied, “Only with my oxygen.” Many Americans would agree with this sentiment, given that approximately more than two-thirds of adults in the U.S. admit to drinking an average of approximately three cups of coffee on a daily basis.

Many of these cups of daily coffee are consumed on the job. The idea that coffee consumption helps to improve performance has been extensively studied and well-documented. As a result, many offices opt to provide their workers with access to coffee in order to boost morale, performance and connections between coworkers as they venture over to the office coffee station multiple times each day. And many of these offices are realizing the time saving benefits of a office coffee delivery service in Washington DC.

Keeping the office coffee station stocked in ways that meet significant demand can be a hassle. Ordering supplies, timing shipments and settling on a variety of options that everyone will enjoy can be a stressful process. Thankfully, Monumental Markets takes the frustrations and guesswork out of office coffee supplies. We have extensive experience navigating the ins and outs of great office coffee and are eager to share our expertise with your company.

Step One: Start with a High-Quality Product

Only individuals struggling with extreme fatigue are likely to seek out coffee that is notoriously substandard. As a result, it is important to provide options that are high-quality. We source only superior coffee and tea blends in order to better ensure that our products are delicious and repeatedly sought after by the workers who drink them. We believe that great coffee provides employees not only with the energy they need in order to produce their best work but also with an energy that is truly invigorating. There is nothing like a truly excellent cup of coffee or tea to give a mentally fatigued worker a much-needed boost.

Step Two: Timing and Trimmings

One of the primary hassles associated with providing workers the coffee they crave is keeping both the coffee itself and all the “extras” that accompany office coffee delivery service in Washington DC in stock. Monumental Markets has coffee delivery down to a science. We understand what companies of various sizes need and when they need it in order to keep Washington DC office coffee delivery service seamless. From sweeteners to creamers, stir sticks to cups and lids, we know coffee. Leave it to us to conveniently time your deliveries so that your workers are never left waiting for the next batch to arrive before they can enjoy their coffee.

A Better Break Experience

By providing a variety of high-quality coffee and tea, you will allow your workers to have a better break experience. On face, this job perk may seem minor. But when your workers are compelled to dig deep on your company’s behalf day-in and day-out, the quality of the short breaks they take throughout the workday in order to relax and feel refreshed matters very much to your company’s bottom line. Workers who feel cared for and cared about are more likely to perform to the best of their abilities. And when the science of coffee drinking enhances that performance ability as well, your company stands to benefit considerably. Please consider contacting Monumental Markets today. We take the guesswork out of office coffee delivery service Washington, DC businesses trust so that all you need to concentrate on is running your business.

Washington DC Office Coffee Delivery Service FAQ: What are a few reasons for utilizing an office coffee delivery service for my office and employees?

Companies throughout Washington DC and across the country are starting to offer their employees better incentives such as free lunches, at-home work capabilities, longer maternity leave, paid vacations, and so forth. Although not every company can offer such incentives, most companies can make an impact right now, and that is by installing an office coffee station.

When you think about an office coffee station, you might think about the ones you see at convenience stores and gas stations. You’re on the right track; however, what makes these different is that they come in all sorts of sizes and with different options according to your budget. What is always true is that your employees will get to come to the office knowing that fresh, hot coffee, with all sorts of creamers and sweeteners, is waiting.

At least 65% of office employees drink between 2 and 3 cups of coffee during their workday. You have three options:

  1. Let the employee leave for a coffee break
  2. Tell them no and risk the decline in employees’ productivity and energy levels
  3. Provide the employee with fresh, flavorful coffee at the office

Of course, if you provide your employees with a Washington DC office coffee delivery service, you’ll keep them satisfied and appreciative. If you’re still not sure, consider these reasons to have an office coffee delivery service.

Your Employees Can Save Money – At local shops, the average price for a cup of coffee is $2; whereas, the average cup of coffee from a Washington DC office coffee delivery service is between .30¢ and .50¢. Your employees could be spending anywhere from $100 -$150 on coffee during the workday. For employees who may be newer hires, younger, or who may have a family to take care of, these kind of savings could make a big difference.

You Can Boost Your Employees Morale – When you offer your employees something that they value, especially that they would normally have to pay for, they may feel welcomed and appreciated. These feelings may then have a trickle-down effect; creating a more positive workspace. One of the larger coffee bean companies conducted a survey in which they found out that at least 37% of employees would rather have free coffee all year round than a Christmas party.

Coffee Can Encourage Communication – Companies are known to spend a lot of money on looking for ways to create a positive work environment, improve communication, and better collaboration. A coffee station provided by a Washington DC office coffee delivery service can be the go-to spot for employees who need a break or would like to catch up with other employees.

Coffee Boosts Productivity and Energy – Caffeine is an energy jolt and is well-known for its ability to boost productivity. Coffee can be the antidote to an employee who didn’t get enough sleep, one who is preparing for a meeting, or an employee who is working overtime to meet the big deadline.

If you are looking for a way to gain your employees’ appreciation, more than they might already do, please call Monumental Markets to learn about our office coffee delivery service Washington DC companies recommend.