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Throughout the United States, micro markets are popping up in offices, workspaces, hospitals, and other establishments. They are transforming the way employees take breaks and providing an ample selection of food and beverages at affordable prices. Versatility combined with easy to use technology has made micro markets in Virginia one of the most popular considerations for business owners. 


What Are Micro Markets


A Virginia micro market is an unmanned retail space that features a selection of food and beverages. They include a broad range of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy items, snacks, sandwiches, coffee, and more. Micro markets are often added to break rooms and can be customized to meet the dimensions of the space. 


Most micro markets in Virginia have refrigerated areas where perishable items can be purchased by employees or guests. They also might feature a coffee and tea station, a dry goods station, frozen treats, and more. All items are managed and stocked by a local operator, such as Monumental Markets. 


How Users Can Take Advantage of a Micro Market


To use a micro market in Virginia, the customer will browse through the wide selection of food and beverages and choose the items they would like to purchase. They are bought using a self-checkout kiosk, and through payment options such as cash, credit/debit card, or a fingerprint reader. Some employers will choose to offer a generous incentive program in which employees can receive discounts, offers, or a stipend account that can be accessed directly from the kiosk.  


Everyone Benefits from a Micro Market


Micro markets are attractive to employers because they cost little to nothing to set up, install, and maintain. All that is needed is a space that can fit all of the vending needs, as well as, power, internet, and water. From the initial setup to the restocking and technology needs, you can count on your local micro market operator, such as Monumental Markets, to take care of everything. 


A micro market in Virginia is an attractive perk for employees and guests and provides a value-add option for those who want something new. and different. These vending areas are easy to navigate, provide plenty of choices, and convenient. Best of all, the prices are comparable to popular in and out restaurants if not cheaper. Imagine your employees being able to stay at the workplace and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a fresh meal. With a micro market, they can do just that. This is one of the reasons they are so popular. 


When you choose Monumental Markets to be your Virginia based micro market service provider, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that we will work with you to understand your goals and needs. Once we determine all of the foods and beverages that are to be included in your market, we will schedule an install time that makes sense for your business. It is our goal to be the least disruptive as possible. The setup will include the delivery of equipment, cooler installation, shelving, stocking, setting up the kiosk, personalizing the area, and adding security measures. 


To learn more about our Virginia micro market services, call Monumental Markets today.