Micro Market MarylandMicro Market Maryland


Micro markets are a great addition to any business or company who is looking to provide extra perks to their employees. These markets can complement a cafeteria or act as a standalone food option. At Monumental Markets, we offer micro market services that:


Are open 24×7

Offer local, fresh foods

Provide healthy food and beverage options

Are customizable

Are cashless

Can boost camaraderie

Increase food sales


Maryland Micro Markets Never Close

Think back to those night work assignments when nothing around was open or you didn’t feel like leaving the office. You might have been hungry or in need of an energy boost, but had very little food options. With a micro market in Maryland, you can access freshly prepared foods, meals, snacks, frozen treats, and beverages anytime – day or night. 


Micro markets in Maryland are stocked with a broad range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods that are prepared nearby. There is ample flexibility in the food offerings, and usually, micro market service providers will analyze data and user feedback to determine what is most appropriate. Some examples of foods in micro markets include:


Fresh fruits and vegetables


Hot and ready meals




Healthy items

Frozen treats

Coffee and tea

Bottled drinks


It is also possible to request particular foods or meals at certain times. For example, if you know Friday will be a busy day, consider stocking extras or the most popular meals. 


Fresh Food Anytime


Fresh food in a micro market is turned over regularly – usually on a daily basis. This means you won’t need to worry about how old a sandwich or salad is. The staff from Monumental Markets will monitor the inventory and ensure everything is updated. We will also check to see what employees love most this way it’s always available! 


Your Maryland micro market can be located anywhere in the building; however, most clients prefer it to be within proximity of the cafeteria, breakroom, or other popular meeting point. Because a micro market is open 24×7, you can feel peace of mind in knowing your employees will always have access to food and beverages. 


Micro Markets Can Be Customized


A micro market in Maryland can be customized to fit any space. Usually they are placed near a cafeteria, break room, or dining room; thereby, enabling employees to grab the food items they want and check out themselves. If you are unsure about space, give us a call. We will be happy to listen to what space options are available and help you to understand what might fit. 


Would You Like a Micro Market At Your Company?


Micro markets are a big deal. They don’t require any staff and make it easy for employees for guests to choose their products and pay for them in a self-checkout kiosk. Employers who offer micro markets are noticing an increase in food sales, a decrease in late employees, and an overall improvement in happiness levels. If you would like to learn more about our micro markets in Maryland, call Monumental Markets today.