Avenue C Vending MD

Avenue C Vending MD with a man eating an appleIf you or your company are searching for a healthier vending machine food option, look no further than MD Avenue C vending machines that workers can rely on for healthy, delicious food. When choosing vending options for the workplace, there are many different factors to consider. First, businesses should consider the health of their employees. Rather than the traditional vending food such as chips or candy, consider investing in Monumental Markets for freshly made, healthy foods like salads and sandwiches. 


Companies should be aware, and proactive when it comes to their employees’ well-being whether that be physical, mental, or emotional. By providing healthier alternatives businesses can show their employees that they care, and want to help foster a healthy workplace environment. It is one thing for a company to say that they want an active, healthy, and flourishing team, but it is another thing for a company to take steps to make that happen. Boost morale by improving your workplace culture. Partnering with us to commit to healthier eating choices is a wise investment, and one with many benefits. 


Another benefit of having MD’s Avenue C vending is the increase it brings to employer and employee productivity. Imagine how inconvenient it is for members of a company to have to leave the workplace for lunch, or a healthy snack. It often requires leaving the building, driving in their car, coming back, and having to repark. By the time an individual comes back to the office, time, energy and productivity have been wasted. On the other hand, imagine having access to lunch and snack options down the hall in the break room. This would undoubtedly save the individual time, energy, and productivity as he or she could quickly return back to their work after getting their food. 


There is a sense of community that is fostered when employers and employees sit and share food together in the same place. These Maryland vending machines allow for this by offering a variety of food options for everyone. The break room could become a place where coworkers become friends, ideas are shared, and life events are celebrated together. Asking coworkers out for lunch may feel awkward for some, but if employees eat together at work a friendship may happen organically. A community can be built around food, especially healthy and nourishing food.


Practically speaking, investing in this type of vending allows for more storage and large quantities of food and beverages. Holding more than 100 foods and beverages, companies should not have to fear running out as quickly as other vending competitors. Refilling vending machines takes time, and is one more task a business has to perform. Save yourself the hassle by using a more efficient machine, such as those from Monumental Markets. Most employers and employees do not carry around cash in this day in age. Our MD Avenue C vending not only has the option to pay with cash but credit and debit cards as well. Individuals can now pay through their smartphones, providing more options to pay for delicious, healthy foods and drinks. Contact Monumental Markets to find out more about our vending options today!