Healthy Vending Machines Northern VirginiaHealthy Vending Machines Northern Virginia Enjoys


Increasingly, companies of all sizes are installing healthy vending machines Northern Virginia workers enjoy in their offices. There are many reasons for this. Healthy vending machines offer many advantages over traditional vending machines, or not having snack options for employees. Here are some of the most popular reasons for why many companies in Northern Virginia are so enthusiastic about having healthy vending machines on premises:


The Convenience of Having Food and Drinks Always Available

When it is not possible to take a full lunch off-premises, employees can take advantage of convenient and healthy vending machines without leaving the building. When time is short, this can be a welcoming option. Having Northern Virginia healthy vending machines on the premises means that employees do not have to drive anywhere and spend time in traffic as well as try to find parking. In addition, if the workday runs into the late hours, there may not be any stores open at that time. Employees will be grateful to have healthy vending machines in the building.


Healthy Food Can Increase Employee Productivity

Many studies over the years have come to the same conclusion: the human body needs to eat healthy foods on a consistent basis in order to enjoy maximum energy and optimum cognitive function. Basically, to keep their energy up and their brains focused, employees should eat well and not skip meals. Some nutritional experts also believe that eating snacks throughout the day can reduce the likelihood of dropping one’s blood sugar levels too low. In this way, healthy healthy vending machines for Northern Virginia can increase employees’ morale and keep them happy.


Healthy Vending Machines Can Be Custom Stocked

One of the services we offer at Monumental Markets is customized stock options. We can stock our healthy vending machines with a wide variety of food and beverages from which you can choose. What many companies like to do is poll their employees to determine the most popular choices. We can also rotate your choice selection at predetermined times of the year if you so desire. Additionally, because we only offer fresh produce, some selections are only available at certain times of the year so you can always look forward to new choices. Another advantage to having Monumental Markets’ healthy vending machines in Northern Virginia workplaces is that we will make sure they are always stocked and the contents remain fresh. Employee-generated and monitored snack “stands” in the office can require a significant investment of time and their own money. This can lead to problems and conflict among staff when there are shortfalls or missing snacks. This is turn can be detrimental to office morale. Using healthy vending machines supplied, stocked, and maintained by Monumental Markets allows you to avoid these issues.

If you would like to know more about the many benefits of healthy vending machines and if they may be a solution for your company, contact us at Monumental Markets today. We will be pleased to help you determine which healthy vending machines Northern Virginia enjoy will be of the most benefit to your company and its employees.