DC Coffee Service

Gathering around the water cooler is so 1990. Try gathering around fresh, fragrant coffee, healthy snacks like fresh fruit and salads, and delicious treats like airy Danishes and delectable muffins. Elevate your office’s breakroom with the help of Monumental Markets, a coffee and pantry market installation service working with businesses and multi-family apartment complexes throughout the greater DMV area. If you want a better breakroom experience for your employees, try our customized DC coffee service. Ready to learn more?

What Kind Of DC Coffee Service Does Monumental Market Offer?

We place top-of-the-line coffee equipment in place in your breakroom or lunch area. Every serving of coffee is guaranteed to be high-quality and fresh. You don’t have to worry about running out of coffee at a crucial time, like during a late-night project conference – our teams ensure that your coffee service is fully stocked with single-serve coffees, flavored coffees, teas, and hot cocoa. We pay attention to your needs and ensure our offer includes all your employees’ favorite flavors.

We supply cups, stir sticks, sweeteners, and creamers to fully customize your beverage. Instead of fighting over whose turn it is to brew a pot of coffee or arguing over who took the last coffee creamer, your team can collaborate around their own fresh, hot beverages and focus on their tasks at hand.

How Does Your Coffee And Pantry Service Work?

We work with you to determine the level of demand for coffee service, including carefully timing your deliveries so you’re never out of what you need. Monumental Markets works with the best coffee suppliers around, so each cup is the same high quality you’d expect from one of D.C.’s top coffee shops.

We also have mini-market and snack services if you’d like to offer your staff or tenants a little extra. This can include granola bars, chips, fruit, or pastries – you can stock and serve as much or as little as you’d like. Your employees can simply select their items and pay at a convenient self-checkout. There’s no need for additional staffing for your coffee service or mini market.

Once your coffee service is set up, we arrange a regular delivery service to replenish what you’ve used. Your needs could change over time, and we can adjust your supplies accordingly. Best of all, you’ll see improved employee morale since you’re demonstrating you care about the quality of beverages they enjoy at work and even about their health by offering delicious snacks made with premium ingredients.

Are You Ready To Install Your New DC Coffee Service?

Get rid of the dated, unhealthy soda and vending machines with sticky candy and stale chips. Switch to a Monumental Markets coffee service, mini-market, or full-service market. We can work with whatever sized space you have and offer as much or as little food and beverages as you wish. Our terminals accept cash, credit, and debit cards for your tenants’ or employee’s ease of payment. Contact us today for a custom assessment and to learn more.