Canteen Grab And Go Office

If you are wanting to treat your office to delicious, fresh food and coffee, contact Monumental Markets for a canteen Grab and Go office employees love at the workplace. Offices are notorious for offering bad, and sometimes even old coffee. For this reason, many employers and employees prefer to buy their coffee and baked goods from large chains. What if instead there were amazing coffee, baked goods, and snacks fresh and conveniently close by? With Monumental Markets canteen grab and go, companies can accomplish this goal. While there are many benefits to partnering with and instituting this mobile coffee stand, the following are a few of the top-rated benefits. 

Whether your office desires a large array of beverages and freshly made foods, or something quite a bit smaller, the canteen grab and go office has something for everyone. Individualized to meet the needs of the office, the size and shape of the canteen may vary. Monumental Markets desires to work with companies and employees to ensure they are completely satisfied with their products. While there are many options to choose from regarding foods and beverages for the office, none of those options will cater to the needs of the office like this canteen. Customers can pick and choose which fresh foods and beverages they want. Some of the most popular of which include, sandwiches, salads, vegetables, fruits, specialty-made coffees, energy bites, and frozen treats. There is something for everyone at the canteen grab and go office. 

Differing from vending machines, the canteen grab and go office allows its customers to pay in several different ways. Cash, credit, and debit cards and payroll deductions are all acceptable forms of payment. Many individuals in this day in age do not carry around cash or change with them, especially at the office. Rather than having to decline a tasty snack, or hot coffee workers now have the ease and comfort of ordering via multiple forms of payment. 

Another benefit of Monumental Markets canteen grab and go office is the minimal cost it requires to install and run. Only an internet connection, electrical outlet, and a designated open space are needed to start and sustain this canteen. The canteen grab and go office is very efficient in its operation, allowing customers to choose the drink or food of their choice, pay and enjoy all on their own. There is no oversight or person needed to run the canteen. In a busy office environment where employees are moving at a fast speed, they may feel more inclined to this grab and go model rather than a more traditional coffee shop. Save yourself the hassle of leaving the office, driving, or walking and waiting in line. Employers and employees should not have to waste their precious time or energy in order to have a fresh cup of coffee or a nourishing snack. By investing in a canteen, companies are looking out for the needs and desires of their team members. Don’t settle for mediocre or inconvenient coffee and snacks, but partner with Monumental Markets canteen Grab and Go office for the best.