Avenue C Vending 

hand pushing button on vending machineBy partnering with Avenue C vending VA employers and employees will greatly benefit in the workplace. While some may think Avenue C vending is just another vending machine, dispensing food and beverages, it is so much more. First, is its quality. Differing from other traditional vending machines, VA Avenue C vending prides itself on its healthy food and drink options, providing its clients with fresh salads, sandwiches, and beverages. Allowing employers and employees alike to forgo sodium-filled chips and sugary sodas for fresh food with quality ingredients. 

Many companies wish to foster a healthy environment for their employees. Looking out for their team’s emotional, physical, and mental well-being these companies desire to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, many organizations do not know how this applies practically to their employee’s food and drink options in the office. Well-meaning businesses may feel stuck in their traditional vending machine options, and not realize that there are better, healthier alternatives out there. By investing in VA Avenue C vending, employers can show their employees how much they care, promoting this healthy mind, body, and soul concept and practically applying it. 

Eliminating the need to leave the office for fresh food, Virginia’s Avenue C vending allows for greater productivity. Many individuals who leave the office for lunch or a snack spend valuable time and energy doing so. Instead of staying in the office, they have to leave the office building and either walk or drive for healthy, fresh food and beverage options. This undoubtedly wastes precious time and mental energy that could be otherwise used working in the office, not to mention the potential money spent on gas or parking. The ease and convenience of a vending machine are unrivaled, allowing its users to quickly grab food and continue working if they wish.

Sharing food together creates community, and when there is a community within the workplace, employers and employees thrive. Break rooms can become a place of commemoratory as ideas are shared, work connections made, and wins celebrated. Workers may feel more involved and a part of a team culture when they eat together. It may feel awkward to host a team lunch out of the office somewhere or ask a coworker to grab a snack and collaborate on an idea. Many may not feel comfortable leaving the security of the office with a stranger. However, if offered that same snack and lunch at the office with delicious choices, individuals may feel more inclined to join. 

Having healthier, fresh foods at the office allows individuals to pick from a variety of different food and beverage options. With the capacity to hold over 100 items, Monumental Markets provides something for everyone. The convenience of the machine will surely be agreeable to everyone. Whereas traditional vending machines require only cash,  Avenue C vending allows its users to use cash, debit, and credit cards. There is even an option to pay using a smartphone. This convenience is truly a game changer in the office, as many employers and employees do not carry cash anymore. Don’t settle for ordinary, but give your company the best by partnering with Virginia’s Avenue C vending.