Vending Machine

hand pushing button on vending machine

There are a wide variety of goods that are focused on, when it comes to vending machines around the world.  Moreover, the items found in vending machines are rarely black and white (such as only having candy, being a prime example).  As such, some parts of the world provide products in their vending machines that one may not expect in the U.S. An example of this, pertains to fruits and vegetables.  One of the strongest benefits of this, is that instead of needing to go to the store for fruits and vegetables, stopping by a vending machine to get some, can be a more convenient way. An example of this, would be a vending machine in MD, VA

Vending Machine MD, VA

What is important to remember about different types of items when it comes to vending machines, is that marketing is a factor, which determines what is put in the vending machines.  For example, vending machines on a college campus would be marketed towards college students. As such, such vending machines may include snacks and pop.   However, vending machines focusing on fruits and vegetables, would focus on health and fitness, and this is what aids in creating marketability. However, there are other factors to focus on as well.  

The Power of Marketing 

As mentioned, marketing is important, because it helps to build relatability, in relation to the audience that is being targeted.  An example of this, would be how Monumental Markets has a strong focus on variety, such as open door markets, pantry service, and coffee service. Examples such as these are important for any market, because there needs to be a clear understanding that although marketing to a specific audience is needed, there also needs to be marketing in a multitude of ways, so that the audience being appealed to increases, to prevent stagnation, as to what is being advertised.